Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pirates Roundtable

The newest Pirates Roundtable has been posted, with today's questions asking about the likelihood of Chris Duffy having a successful 2007 season and the organization's most pressing need. There are a variety of opinions on these matters, so take a look.

Pirates Roundtable has undergone a few changes recently. The first is that there will now be two new posts per week, with one on Monday and one on Thursday. Contributing writers have been split into two groups in an effort to keep posts shorter and fresher. So remember to check back frequently in the future. The second change is that the roundtable will now be using the Most Valuable Network. One improvement that results from this change is that comments can be left without requiring an MLB account. Hopefully this will allow for more discussion throughout the week.

Thanks again to Cory for all of his hard work organizing the roundtable project.

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