Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A few thoughts

Last night I watched the Pirates play baseball for the first time since Randy Johnson beat us last Sunday. It had been a long week of only box scores via my cell phone. But last night my busy schedule lightened slightly and I sat down to do the one thing I love: watch the Pirates run the bases poorly. I'm just kidding. But seriously, they make some stupid mistakes out there.

This past Friday afternoon, I found a bit of free time and started writing. The Bucs were mired in a five-game losing streak, and I wondered whether Tony Clark's grand slam had effectively ended our season. However, I did not have the time to finish that post. With last night's win, the Pirates have won four of five and moved into second place since I first saved that draft. The offense came alive in Cincinnati and the entire team looked pretty solid last night (aside from the previously mentioned baserunning mistakes).

So maybe the season is not over yet. Maybe I am starting a trend of being completely wrong. If you would like another example, on May 13 I made the statement, "Ian Snell is officially the ace of this staff." Since that comment, Snell has gone 1-2 with a 5.30 ERA in three starts and Tom Gorzelanny is 2-1 with a 1.78 ERA in four starts. After looking at those numbers, I feel compelled to say something: Ronny Paulino will never again be an above average Major League hitter and should be released. Now let us sit back and watch as Paulino sprays line drive after line drive to the gaps.

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