Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm back

Hey folks, sorry for the hiatus. I had prepared all of my excuses about being busy and not having time to post anything, but I will spare you from my sob story.

I have missed some significant happenings during my time away. Most importantly, spring training has begun. As is usual for this time of year, my spirits are high and my smile is quick. Any moment that the sun peaks out from behind the clouds, I boldly proclaim that spring is here and it is time for some infield practice. Then I scoop up the nearest stone and try to play catch with whomever I might be with at that moment. After dodging this hurtling object, he or she must attempt to stay patient, while once again explaining to me that my mediocre high school baseball career ended almost five years ago and to please stop throwing rocks at people. Others may not enjoy this time of year as much I do, but thus far no serious incidents have occurred as a result.

Check back soon for more optimistic previews. Hopefully I will get through the starting lineup before the season begins.

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