Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have recently read some opinons around the blogosphere about the fact that the Baseball Prospectus Team of Experts knows less about the Pirates than they seem to think. Most of these opinions are valid, but maybe we should be discussing Sports Illustrated also. I picked up my SI Baseball Preview issue this evening and opened it to the Pirates scouting report. I was expecting some bashing, probably most of it legitimate bashing. I was not expecting some of the ridiculous statements that I found. Here is an excerpt that comes at the conclusion of the article, one that had focused entirely to this point on Adam LaRoche and the Pirates offense:

This will likely be another long year at PNC Park because Pittsburgh doesn't have the pitching to contend. Projected ace Zach Duke allowed 40 more hits than innings pitched last year and finished 10-15; the rest of the rotation is a mess. The addition of LaRoche means the Pirates at least have the offensive firepower now to put up eight runs from time to time, and the Pirates will have to win a bunch of 8-6 games to be playing meaningful games after the All-Star break.

What lineup is this guy looking at? The Pirates offense was pathetic last season and, despite the addition of Adam LaRoche, will likely struggle to score runs in 2007 as well. The only real strength this team has is a young pitching staff that could turn out to be pretty decent. The offense will be the last thing that carries the Pirates to victories this season. The only real chance of the team being competitive is a healthy season and progression from its entire rotation. If I was Jim Tracy, I would march this magazine right into the locker room and show Ian Snell the above quote. Then I would sit back and watch him strike out 25 batters in his next start. Anybody who thinks the Pirates pitching staff is Zach Duke and a bunch of scrubs clearly does not watch much Pirates' baseball. I don't mind bashing the Pirates correctly, but don't just make things up without doing any research at all.


UtesFan89 said...

Great blog.
I've been reading for a while, finally got around to posting.

Have to say, I agree completely.
But if this is enough motivation to make the rest of the pitching staff go out there and prove something, then I'm all for it.
Why stop at Snell? Show the article to Gorzelanny and Maholm and even Armas Jr. and Chacon.
And then sit back and watch as they dominate.

Matt said...

Thanks for reading utesfan89.

Sure, there's no reason not to motivate the rest of the pitching staff as well. If I was in charge, there would be negative Pirates articles plastered all over the clubhouse for motivation. Time for some of these players to get pissed about the bad press and do something about it.

I mentioned Snell specifically because he seems to pitch very well when he is being doubted. There is nothing better than Ian Snell with a chip on his shoulder.

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