Friday, March 23, 2007

Jose Bautista

In somewhat of a surprise move, the Pirates have named Jose Bautista as their starting third baseman. This appears to push Jose Castillo to the bench after being the Pirates' starting second baseman the past three years. It is fairly interesting to consider what we might learn from this move. Is Pirates management finally fed up with mediocrity and taking a stand against it, as Jim Tracy claims? Maybe Pat has this decision all figured out. Maybe Freddy Sanchez will not be ready for opening day. Keep your eye on this situation.

Jose Castillo "congratulates" Jose Bautista after having his job stolen

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Brett said...

Yes, this came as a huge surprise to myself, and I agree that it may have something to do with Steady Freddys health. I can't see this move being long term because Castillo is not a bench player unlike Bautista and there is no way they will send down Castillo because it will break his precious spirits. Then again, if they put him on the bench in the Big Leagues, he might gain back that 75 pounds on the sunflower seeds and beef jerky. Oh well, no big deal, LaRoche will pick up the slack for both of them and hit 60 homers right?